About Us:

Quantitax is a tax specific firm that specializes in highly complex and quantitative tax calculations.  Specifically, we offer expertise in “IC-DISC” export incentive, Section 199 “DPAD”, foreign E&P and basis, foreign tax credit and Section 987 foreign exchange calculations.  In addition to servicing companies directly, we are a preferred provider for numerous top local, regional, and national accounting firms.  Our processes, proprietary software, and dedicated experts help clients optimize the results from these calculations including often underutilized IC-DISC "transaction by transaction" optimization computations. 

​With over a hundred years of collective experience in export incentives and quantitative tax projects, Quantitax is best positioned to complement the services of tax professionals at the country's leading CPA firms and companies.  Our professionals include former Big 4 Partner, Director, and Manager level consultants that have been focused on quantitative tax calculations for their entire careers.